Sunday, January 1, 2012

Post 4

Wishing each one of you that may stumble upon this post, a Happy New Year !

Yesterday was my birthday. Usually my birthday puts me in a strange mood. I think about my past years and wonder what to look for in future. Yesterday was no different but I had some good memories from last year. I was with C and J and J had popped up behind me early morning of the 31st with a beautiful birthday cake, a bouquet of roses and the best birthday greeting I have ever received from anyone. Those times have passed but memories remain...

....and now off to 2012! New hopes...and hopefully new achievements. This year has started off with me passing my driver's learning permit test, so I look forward to learn to drive soon. I call it a small step towards being less dependent on others. This new year also begins with me going to pick up my little princess from her dad's visit. The 10 long days of being lonely are finally over!