Saturday, December 24, 2011

Post 3

Hurdles and challenges...yes, that's what I am going through right now

I did start this blog as a suggestion from a counselor I use to see regularly. But I'm guessing perhaps blogging is for people much different than I am. Sort of how I felt when I first went to see my counselor but then I got hooked and couldn't imagine being without one! I am waiting for that connection to happen between me and my blog!!

So what was I talking about in my last blog?? Ah the "beads"... I still love them, still want to create some beautiful jewelry with them but like I said in the very beginning, hurdles and challenges are back on the very brand new chapter of life that I had just started. Will talk about that long winded story some other time.

Right now, I am faced with letting go of my little princess to her dad's (my ex) for a visit. The longest visit she has ever been on...a total of 10 days. I have never been away from her that long and I am not sure how I feel.

I am left staring at her room, doing her bed, putting up her toys and missing her little busy body around me. 

Before she left for her dad's, she had to paint her nails. Why yeah, got to look good for her dad! She loves to visit her dad and I am trying to get use to that thought still after 1.5 years since these visitations started. Can't imagine how little those hands were just a few years ago...and yes I will be still saying the same a few years from now.

Not feeling in the holiday Christmas-y mood at all right now. Last year same time I had the two of my favorite people here with me, my bf J and my princess C. This year J is with his folks far away in another state and C in another county with her dad. The past years memories keep rewinding in my head. 

This Christmas I would like to tell everyone to enjoy and make the best of today and now and realize what u got and how precious it is because it could be all gone! No matter how promising and unbelievable it may seem but fate has its own ways and you can lose it all in a snap! Kiss your loved ones, hug them tight and make good cherishable memories..................................MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!