Sunday, September 18, 2011

Post 2

Well.. definitely been a while since I posted here. Sorry! But ever have those moments when you are really excited about something until you get it or you know you are there? I guess this blog has been one of those things. 
I was really excited to finally be able to afford to have internet connection, a brand new laptop and a blog and then when I had it, I kind of got busy with other things. And busy I was! 

I am working on starting a brand new chapter in life. Fortunately, I got the chance to start over on a lot of things that I messed up in my past. Got divorced, won the custody of my child, had opportunity to work for a short time , had an auction for one of my paintings and moved into a brand new apartment...and by "new" I mean brand- stinkin'- new! Newly constructed with all the basic comfort I could wish for.

And now talking about the latest in my life....It's been all about the BEADS lately. I use to create some jewelry from scrap...oh ..sometime long back ago in my tween. But that interest has poked out its head again lately and I am into making jewelry. The more I read about it in books and over the internet the more I feel the itch to create. For now though I am not able to invest much into it. So I purchase from sales and clearances, beads and findings to make simple jewelry out of in hopes of selling some online and in real life. 

Today I shopped at Micheal's Art and Crafts store during their clearance event . So I am guessing my next post will be about what I was able to come up with the beads and findings I bought today. Can't wait to share!